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We work hard to provide outstanding customer service for the entire Greater Toronto Area. The combination of our employees’ knowledge and the relationships we share with major industry manufacturers, enables us to work with all parties involved in the construction process to ensure that the right product is both specified, supplied and installed.


Canada Fire Door & Frame is a complete stocking distributor for commercial openings, from hollow metal doors, hollow metal frames, wood doors to finish hardware. We stock all standard size doors and frames plus many types of finish hardware in various finishes and grades. We also have three different fabrication shop areas to meet all of your standard or custom requirements.


We understand that providing onsite services, such as dimensioning, inspection, trouble shooting and expert installation are crucial. In addition to ensuring the product is sized correctly, we perform site reviews to ensure that the final installation conforms to all required specifications.


Our hollow metal shop excels at orders of any size. All work is performed in house, whether it is the fabrication of hollow metal frames and doors, or the installation of lites and hardware preparations in hollow metal doors. We are certified to perform in shop fire labeling, allowing us to provide product that complies with your fire separation requirements.

Canada Fire Door & Frame Services Include:

  • Distributor for commercial openings from hollow metal doors & frames to wood doors and finish hardware
  • Installation
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Documented Inspections ( NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protective’s)
  • Development & Review of Specifications, Submittals & Shop Drawings (Code Professionals in Building Code, Fire Code, Handicap/Barrier Free, Life Safety)